Ukrainian Programme at the Theatertreffen

Five performances, four panel discussions, two video installations and an exhibition – a comprehensive Ukrainian programme at the international theatre festival “Berliner Theatertreffen 2023”.


12-29 May 2023





Über Projekt

The 60th Theatertreffen offers an extensive Ukrainian programme as part of the new transdisciplinary encounter format “10 Treffen”. Two of the ten encounters – Responsibility Treffen and Herstory Treffen – are dedicated to Ukraine.

The Responsibility Encounter deals with the question of how responsibility can be shown towards those who have lost their personal and structural prerequisites for working in theatre. The Herstory Encounter deals with activist female* practices and asks questions about identity and changing (women’s) roles in troubled times.

The Ukrainian programme is funded by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb. The Ukrainian Institute was the content partner of the four panel discussions on Ukraine.

Postcolonialism in Ukrainian Culture

Colonial responsibility and ongoing postcolonial processes are the topics of a discussion on the intergenerational experiences and subjectivity of contemporary Ukraine.


Franziska Davies, author and historian of Eastern Europe
Vasyl Cherepanyn, philosopher and director of the Visual Culture Research Center
Magda Szpecht, Director, artist and journalist

Moderation Alona Karavai, curator and chairwoman of the international organisation MitOst e.V.

Legacy of appropriation

In order to introduce postcolonial critique into the discourse on the perception of Ukrainian culture and to address appropriation, we will discuss the origin and original appearance of Ukrainian culture in Western Europe together with the invited participants.


Karolina Wigura, historian of ideas, sociologist, journalist
Kateryna Tarabukina, curator and part of the management of Vitsche e. V.
Kateryna Botanova, cultural critic, curator, author
Andriy May, director, actor and theatre curator

Moderation Eva Yakubovska, director, activist and co-founder of Vitsche e. V.

Struggle for Existing and Solidarity

The phenomenon of revolutionary and post-revolutionary solidarity of critical civil society and the sustainable development of the volunteer movement in Ukraine are inextricably linked to the tradition of the anti-imperialist struggle for freedom, which in turn is based on diversity, a multitude of nations, religions and cultures as well as liberal feminism and cohesion.


Lydia Nagel, researcher, translator
Kateryna Mishchenko, author, editor, translator
Nina Khyzhna, director, performer and choreographer
Liuba Ilnytska, dramaturge, critic, curator

Moderation Kateryna Stetsevych, Head of Project Group Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe of the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb

Women at War

The feminist agenda today focuses on women’s rights in Ukraine, sexual violence in war and the protection of human rights. At the same time, volunteers, soldiers, writers, directors, leaders, artists, doctors, musicians, scientists and many more have dedicated themselves to spreading the truth about the war against the Ukrainian people abroad.


Kateryna Priymak, paramedic, activist and leader Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement
Yulia Paevska (Taira), soldier, paramedic and commander of the “Angels of Taira” volunteer unit
Gesine Dornblüth, author and freelance radio journalist

Moderation Heike Winkel, cultural scientist, project manager and project group officer for Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe at the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb

War on Distance. Poster exhibition

The 60th Theatertreffen featured the poster exhibition “War on Distance” with graphic works by more than 20 Ukrainian artists*.

The exhibition explores the category of distance in war as political, metaphysical, temporal, philosophical, economic and cultural distance. It includes two projects: “UKRAINIAN WARTIME POSTERS” (BIRUCHIY) & “SUPPORT UKRAINE PROJECT” (Pictoric).

Drastic statements on the struggle for freedom and democracy are combined with personal stories from everyday life during the war.