Online resources with free access about history, culture and cultural diversity of Ukraine. The courses are free and availiable in English.

A platform to Explore Ukrainian Culture

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Insight UA is a seamless exploration of Ukrainian culture

Insight UA is the guide to discovering Ukrainian culture, personalities, and awe-inspiring events. It is curated and hand-picked by the Ukrainian Institute team.

Ukraine: The essentials in brief

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10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine

The project brings to life familiar and yet unknown stories about Ukraine. Ten short films tell about famous figures, historical and cultural events in Ukraine, and invite you to discover Ukraine of ХІХ-ХХI in the local and world contexts.

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Ukraine in 2 Minutes

The 2 minutes videos explain international audience key highlights of Ukrainian history and culture, and debunk the myths and stereotypes about Ukraine. It was created in partnership with Internews Ukraine.


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Ukraine: History, Culture, and Identities

A short introductory course on Ukraine's history, culture, and society from the Middle Ages to the present.

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UKRAINE: Food and History

The book “UKRAINE. Food & History” tells about the past and present of Ukrainian cuisine. It includes recipes of dishes that everyone can cook and local products, which together present Ukraine’s cultural diversity and rich heritage.


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Crimea: History and People

An introductory course in English on the past and present of Crimea and Crimean Tatars, the indigenous people of Ukraine.

Explore Ukraine

"We are Crimea"

In the series “We are Crimea”, created jointly by Ukraїner and the Ukrainian Institute, our guests revisit Crimea through a VR headset, and share their thoughts and stories about the peninsula they call home.

Ukrainian culture and its phenomena

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Ukrainian Culture : Understanding the Country and Its People

Discover the “culture of freedom”. Learn about the milestones of Ukrainian culture and its contribution to the world.

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Celebrating 100 Years of Carol of the Bells

A Centennial Celebration Concert of Famed Ukrainian Carol: “Carol of the Bells”.

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