Extra Sound: Ukrainian Musicians at c/o pop Festival

Ukrainian delegation took part in the international festival “c/o pop” in Cologne for the first time as part of the “Extra Sound” programme. Three Ukrainian bands played their concerts and introduced themselves at the country reception “Meet the Ukrainians”.


29 April 2023




Mainstream Music

"Extra Sound" programme

International showcases become a meeting point for musicians:inside with important booking agencies, music festival managers, music editors and label heads looking for new names and promising music projects.

Goals of the programme:

  • Strengthen Ukraine’s presence in the international music community through the participation of Ukrainian bands in the international music events;
  • Cooperation with the professionals of the industry at home and abroad;
  • Presenting Ukrainian bands at the leading music festivals in the countries where the Ukrainian Institute operates.

About the festival & ukrainian delegation

c/o Pop is a music festival in Cologne that attracts around 30,000 visitors every year. During the festival, Cologne is transformed into the capital of dance music from all over the world. This year the festival celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Ukrainian band Kurs Valüt, Disappeared Completely and musician KEBU played their concerts at various central venues in Cologne on 29 April 2023. The bands were selected by open call to take part in the festival.

Ukrainian bands at the c/o pop music festival 2023 in Cologne

Kurs Valüt is an electronic duo founded in 2017 by Eugene Gordeev in Dnipro to popularise minimal wave in Ukraine. The language of the lyrics is Ukrainian.

The primary genre is EBM with the addition of electro, synth-pop and Italo disco structures. This mixture later became known as Dnipropop.

Kurs Valüt on Spotify.

Ukrainian bands at the c/o pop music festival 2023 in CologneDisappeared Completely is an indie pop trio from Kyiv, formed in 2017 by a couple of university friends. The band had their big release “Sea of Fallen Nests” LP in 2017, which was highly praised by music critics and fans, and got Disappeared Completely features in several major publications. In the artists’ output: the album “Sea of Fallen Nests” (2017), the EP “Dissolved” (2019) and the EP ”Contradictions” (2020). Tracks from these records have been in the top charts of Ukraine, France, Germany, the UK and Hungary.

Disappeared Completely on Spotify.

Ukrainian bands at the c/o pop music festival 2023 in Cologne

KEBU is the stage pseudonym and nickname of Ukrainian singer Maria Kebuladze. For the artist, unique people around her are the greatest value, which is why she usually creates her music in collaboration with other musicians and producers.

Thanks to collective creativity in a friendly atmosphere, the project’s music mixes different sounds and genres in search of new combinations.

KEBU on Spotify.