“Perseverance of change. 10 years of Maidan.” – A movie night dedicated to the revolution of dignity

On February 8, the Ukrainian Institute in Germany will present the documentary “Stronger than arms” (2014) by Babylon’13, followed by a panel discussion on Ukrainian civil society with Rebecca Harms and Dr. Tamara Martsenyuk.

With an introduction by the Ukrainian Nobel Peace Prize winner 2022 Oleksandra Matviichuk.


February 8, 2024


ACUDkino. Berlin


The cinema evening is dedicated to the work of the anonymous Ukrainian film collective “Babylon’13”, which was formed in the course of the Maidan protests and is known as a chronicler of the Revolution of Dignity. The panel discussion will focus on Ukrainian civil society as the driving force behind the Maidan protests and its development to date.

The documentary “Stronger than arms” (2014, Ukraine, 78 min.) shows the development of the protests on the Maidan in 2013, from the spontaneous attempt to seize the presidential administration on December 1 to the bloody battles in February 2014 and the flight of the then President Viktor Yanukovych.

About Babylon'13

The events on the Maidan have inspired a number of documentary film projects. One of the most impressive and interesting projects is the work of Babylon’13, an anonymous collective.

In their manifesto, the film collective defined their goal as “remembering and depicting the birth and the first decisive steps of civil society in Ukraine”.

The films themselves consisted mainly of observations and people speaking directly to the camera about their experiences. There was no commentary, so viewers could interpret the images as they wished. The aim was to offer a detailed alternative to the evening news and to capture Ukrainian history as it happened. Babylon’13 became the chronicler of the Revolution of Dignity.

More information about the collective.

The event is organized by the Ukrainian Institute in Germany in cooperation with CineMova Ukrainian Empowerment Network e.V., Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen e.V. and Open Platform e.V..