10 years of the Revolution of Dignity: The Ukrainian Institute in Germany shows thematic posters and video projection in Berlin

Exactly ten years after the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, the posters will hang in Berlin from February 19 to 29, 2024 as a sign of solidarity for the determination of the Ukrainian people during the Revolution of Dignity.

Photos: Maria Svidryk

The posters were designed by Kyiv-based design studio Kultura Agency in cooperation with the Ukrainian Institute in Germany.

The posters show the moving photographs of Ukrainian photographers such as Maxim Dondyuk and Vyacheslav Ratynskyy as well as the American photographer Brendan Hofmann. Each poster is dedicated to a motto: freedom, justice, human rights, and solidarity are worth fighting for.

In addition, there will be a video projection with motifs from the posters on February 24 from 18:00 on Torstraße near Alexanderplatz.

The posters and the video projection are a sign of the ongoing resistance of Ukrainians two years after the start of the Russian full-scale invasion and 10 years after the start of the Russian war in eastern Ukraine. The event is open to the public.