Our attitude

Decolonial mindset

For a long time, Ukraine was deprived of its voice and the opportunity to speak for itself on the international stage due to long-standing Russian imperialism. As a result, the Ukrainian perspective was not represented in European politics. Moreover, there was a lack of knowledge and study in Germany about Ukraine and its culture as one with its own long tradition and history.

Accordingly, Ukraine, together with its experience and subjectivity as an independent state, was not considered in some political decisions in Europe. The task of the Ukrainian Institute is, among other things, to establish the equality of Ukraine on the international scene as a basic principle.

Trauma-sensitive approach

Addressing complex issues and events that shape contemporary Ukrainian society, such as the Holodomor, Ukrainian-Russian relations, Ukraine’s role in World War II or the Revolution of Dignity is necessary. It is extremely important to find a sustainable way to communicate traumatic experiences within Ukrainian society, and furthermore to involve German society adequately in the dialogue. Cultural exchange as well as critical discussions within the academic community offer the potential to foster intercultural relations between Ukraine and Germany.


The Ukrainian Institute has extensive cultural and country-specific expertise. In addition, it collaborates with a network of Ukrainian and German experts to expand its knowledge. The Ukrainian Institute’s projects are based on studies conducted by internal and external research teams.

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With its projects, the Ukrainian Institute aims to create a platform for new collaborations between Ukrainian and international art and cultural actors. The aim is to create a space where common experiences, stories, knowledge and visions of the future are exchanged.

Respect and exchange

We respect the host country and believe that our interventions in public life should be in constant dialogue with local communities.

Postkoloniale Denkweise

Lange Zeit war die Ukraine aufgrund der langjährigen russischen Imperialität ihrer Stimme und der Möglichkeit, für sich selbst auf der internationalen Bühne zu sprechen, beraubt. Infolgedessen wurde die ukrainische Perspektive nicht in Entscheidungsprozesse einbezogen, was zu zahlreichen Missverständnissen, auch in Bezug auf die europäische Sicherheit, geführt hat. Die Aufgabe des Ukrainischen Instituts besteht unter anderem darin, die Subjektivität und Gleichberechtigung der Ukraine zu normalisieren.